Lily Megamosca
Alter & Walter
En Kurt va mirar al Cel
El petit Olaf té una idea
L'Olaf va de pícnic
Llibres Mutants
Épreuve de Vie
Bellas Acciones
Chistes y Efemérides
Pequeñas Hecatombes
Grandes Anécdotas
Fábulas de Ayer y Hoy
Maurici Bonull
Pep Plom
Els Nàstics
Badabum Bim Bang
El Menda
V Girl
Mr. Brain
Hola Terrícola
John Pájaro

deadly sins edited by Badabum Edicions Especials (2012) | Pop-up book with the theme of one of the cardinal sins: the pride.
Measurements: closed 16, 3 x 15.5 cm, 32 x 45 cm open | Technique: front and back screen printing with three inks on recycled cardboard. Interior: two silkscreen inks on paper Conqueror Antique | Folded and glued by hand | Limited edition of 60 copies signed and numbered.